Niek Schuil

Niek (1982) studied theater design at the art academy in Utrecht. Immediately after college, she landed in the world of photography, especially focusing on children. This grew into teaching courses and workshops in the visual arts.

A few years back, she joined forces with a friend to create a picture book. The feeling of coming home was undeniable and she has been working as a visual storyteller ever since.

In her studio in Driebergen, the Netherlands, she creates her illustrations by building small miniature worlds in a set with lighting. Often with clay, but also increasingly with paper or another material that fits well with a story. Drawing itself is also going to play an increasing role in this.

Playing is the most important part of the process. Color, humor, simplicity and positivity (even if it sometimes seems far away) are important elements for Niek to escape reality in stories. In this way, she hopes to take children (and adults) into her “little worlds,” where imagination is given free rein.


insta: niek_schuil_illustrations


My first count to ten booklet

Counting to ten with the birds (and a deer?!) from your own backyard. Published by Buddybooks (January 2024)

I see I see what you don’t see

A story about a meerkat who cannot focus on what is important. Or is it just that? Do his daydreams and imagination eventually help him become the hero of the day?

Koosje Kip

Koosje is in love with rooster….or does she want to be like rooster? A little quest of a chicken shedding and how that’s totally ok (fictional work based on real events of chickens….and roosters of course)!


While her family is busy with themselves girl feels alone.She loses herself in a piece of clay and experiences a wonderful day with
man. With fantasy, you make friends and are actually never alone. An ode to fantasy.

Stay with me until I am bigger

Book of stories by Mathilde Hofkens, following her encounters in Switzerland with various animals. With a special starring role for her dog Goos. Issued in 2023

Monster & Sam

A story about saving a forest and how a boy and a small furry monster are going to prevent it. Written by Simon-jan Terpstra. Published 2022

Other work

De wachter_winter