Monica Hajek

Monica, is an illustrator with a great love for color and materials that will get your fingers dirty.

After she studied at the art academy in Tilburg, to become an art teacher, she entered multimedia through the emerging Internet wave. There she illustrated many digital teaching materials. She has now been self-employed for some time, illustrating materials for health education.

After years of working mostly digitally, she found her love for drawing on paper all over again while studying at Venster Academy. Last year, she experimented with a whole range of materials. Her favorite turned out to be colored ink. The intense colors, the flow, the splashes, smudges and transitions you can make with it make her happy. She also likes to use multiple techniques interchangeably. From each material she tries to extract individuality. The soft atmospheric of pastel, the powerful lines of chalk and details with colored pencil.

She often finds her subjects close to home. If you look closely, you can discover something beautiful in everything, a color combination, an interesting shape or special light. Drawing these and further associating them creates stories that offer viewers a new perspective on the world around them.




Inkt begint zijn leven in een nieuw glanzend potje. Als hij wordt geopend begint een reis van verwondering over wat hij allemaal kan worden, totdat er iets onverwachts gebeurt…

Een verhaal over levensvreugde, maar ook over tegenslag en vergankelijkheid.

Een verhaal dat troost biedt als het einde in zicht is. 


“Wanneer het zo  hard waait als vandaag wil ik het liefst naar buiten, mijn lichaam laten dragen door de wind”

Een schets die ik maakte in Naturalis resulteerde in dit verhaal. Een ode aan de vrijheid en fantasie van het tekenen.

Folktale Week

The 2023 prompts: lost, ink, sea, sleep, underground, illusion, found.

It became a short story about a crab who is accidentally landed by a large wave and finds his way back to his girlfriend’s arms.

De wachter_winter