Marieke van Leeuwen

An illustrator who loves to learn and experiment, Marieke lives in a house in Haarlem, full of plants and cats. Prior to studying at Venster Academy, Marieke completed both Illustration and Occupational Therapy courses. She has enjoyed working for many years as an occupational therapist in acute psychiatry, where she supports people in performing their daily activities (again).

Human behavior and psychological themes have always fascinated her. In her illustrations, Marieke creates worlds where you can find comfort and escape for a while. She creates atmospheric illustrations in which nature and animals often have a starring role.

Marieke loves to experiment with material, and is always looking for new combinations in this. She uses texture, layering and color to take you into her world.

Instagram: @mariekecvanleeuwen


The Guardian

Sometimes something happens that you don’t understand and can’t do anything about, it changes your whole world and you feel lost. You can fight against it, but often it is useless. Then you can do nothing but let go and wait and see. Those who dare to do so have a chance to discover something new and grow further.


A comforting walk on the beach on a windy day. Looking at the beauty of the (small) things around you, after which you can move on with a little more peace.

Other work

De wachter_winter