Jettie Scholten

Jettie Scholten is a Dutch illustrator with English roots. Today she works and lives in the Netherlands with husband and two children. After a year of art school in England, she completed studies in International Management in Rotterdam and Münster.

First she worked for years as a marketer and graphic designer when she started looking for something more creative. She found her old love of drawing and illustration again. While studying our Visual Storytelling Course, she plunged into illustration and storytelling for a year.

She seeks out the mysterious and fairy-tale elements in everyday situations in this wonderful world. She prefers to draw and write for children, trying to create a layered story. You often find contrasts in her stories, such as big and small, day and night, above and below. A great source of inspiration are the night, the moon and the stars they are therefore often reflected in the free work.

Jettie is still eager to learn and she loves to mess around and experiment. Consequently, her sketchbooks are full of ever-changing sketches and ideas. She works analog and digital but prefers to make a combo of the two. “Then I have ‘the best of both worlds,’ precision and reflection in the digital finish, spontaneity, authenticity and structure from the analog base.”

Jettie’s work is colourful, fairytale-like and decorative.


Instagram: @jesterdesign



In this small picture book with a big subject, a little boy explores the difference between loneliness and being alone.

The Witch’s Compass

The Witch’s Compass is a reading book for children who love magic and mystery. After Klaasje has to go live with her grandmother in the big pink house, she tries to find her way. But she does not feel at home and really just wants to go back to her old house, her home. Will she find her way back home?

Maximus and Milo

Although Maximus is small in stature, he has big plans. He thinks his big brother Milo is just dull. He himself is very smart, super strong and mega-powerful. But is that really the case? One day something happens that literally pulls him out of his own little world and gives him a new perspective on the world.

Other work

De wachter_winter