Sanne van Schoten

Sanne van Schoten (1986) lives with her boyfriend, two children and three cats on the outskirts of Rotterdam. She has a studio space at home where she writes and draws her stories surrounded by lots of pots of pencils, brushes and plants. In practice, she usually grows out of her study fairly early in her process and her home is one big studio.

From her pen and pencil come sensitive stories of a poetic nature. People and emotions are the main themes in her work. Big topics like comfort, parting and mental well-being, she makes them discussable through touching, small things. Her stories can offer children and parents comfort and recognition and an opening to discuss feelings.

Sanne’s style is realistic with a little magic here and there. Her images are minimalist and tranquil. She works analog and likes to use ink and pencil in combination with printing techniques such as mono and lino printing.



Rocco and the magic shell

Rocco thinks a lot about Dad and the magic shell they buried on the beach. Will Rocco still find the shell? Rocco and the Magic Shell is a touching story about cherishing memories.


Brij is a picture book in rhyme about worry and anger and giving comfort and support.

A ball of wool is in your head.
It rolls in all directions there.
I sometimes don’t know where it goes and look for the end of the thread.
When it gets tangled up into a woolly mush,
I want so badly to be there in your head.
To remove the knots
“cut,” with a large pair of scissors.
Your worries disappeared, if only I could.
I listen very carefully to every word you say.
With an arm around you I promise: together we’ll knit it straight.


Departure is a story about goodbyes and comfort. A little child misses one of her parents at bedtime and finds comfort in memories and dreams.

Other work

De wachter_winter