Irene de Kroon

Irene de Kroon (Utrecht, 1989) is an illustrator, creative entrepreneur and illustrator for Stichting Tekenen voor Kinderen. She creates stories – in text and image – in which every child feels known and acknowledged because she believes that everyone can and may be who he or she is.

By giving everyone a stage – from different backgrounds, religion, health, ethnicity and family situations – she contributes to a world where we dialogue with each other about difficult topics and (learn to) empathize with each other. Inclusiveness is very important to her because she too comes from a special family situation and now has a special beautiful family of her own.

Irene creates illustrations for children. In children’s stories, books and posters. And during her weekly visit to rehabilitation center De Hoogstraat and Hospital het Groene Hart on behalf of Stichting Tekenen voor Kinderen.


Instagram: @illustratorirene


To the sharks

Amy and Dad go to the zoo for the day. Just this once, Amy gets to pick out a stuffed animal in the shop. Dad wants to walk quietly through the zoo and look at the animals. Amy wants to go straight to the shop. How does this day end? A story about two stubborn characters, each with a mind of their own, dealing with growing frustration and listening to each other to come out of it together.

The school picture day

Twins Eva and Quinn have an important day today: school picture day. Their big (half) sister Pip is at another school and does not return home from her mother’s house until that evening. If they are also allowed to have their picture taken with a big sibling by the photographer, the search begins: can they find Pip in time to have their picture taken together? A story of unconditional sibling love in a blended family.

Her illustrations

Irene loves paper, textures and ink. Consequently, she prefers to work with everyday materials. Think bubble wrap, aluminum foil, baking paper, confetti and kraft paper. From these materials she makes structures that she incorporates into her illustrations or makes collage drawings with them. She also enjoys working with natural-based inks and (watercolor) pencils. Digitally, she works in ProCreate and Photoshop.

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