Gitta Pardoel

Gitta Pardoel, illustrator, artist, poet and teacher, based in the Netherlands.

Gitta Pardoel creates poetic illustrations and visual poems inspired by nature and stories. For her, creating children’s books is the fulfillment of a dream, which began when she discovered that everything she is passionate about comes together in the process of creating books with illustrations and text. Her stories often originate in nature and could be called narrative nonfiction.

“I love flora and landscapes, birds and trees. I like to see a story in every image. I love the smell of lilacs in the morning, the song of the blackbird in the evening, the scent of honeysuckle and the taste of wild strawberries.”


Oli and Koer

Oli her grandmother has died and she tries to tell her friend Koer, but Koer has lost his nest, will they be able to help each other?


Fly along with Tos the albatross over the oceans and seas. Experience his adventures and see how wonderful this bird is with the longest wings in the world!

Sparrow House

Little sparrow is looking for a new home, will she find one?

Other work

De wachter_winter