Are you ready for more individual counseling?

Email us to make an appointment for a one-on-one session where we can go deeper into specific hurdles you are facing in your creative development.

With Emily, you can schedule a call via zoom (NOTE: English language!). She is happy to help you in the areas of drawing by observation, developing your own voice, portfolio development and developing a picture book.

“Emily’s tutorial was brilliant; she is such a thoughtful, inspiring and considered teacher. Her expertise in graphic novels, story structure and pacing is invaluable. I identified what I wanted help with (pacing and structure) and she tailored her expertise to support these needs, always with a wonderfully calming and encouraging approach (this was accompanied by peppermint tea). She helped me see my book projects as a whole, and to isolate problem areas, so that I was able to gain perspective and rethink parts of the stories. This was incredibly helpful especially at a time when I was too close to the projects and nearing deadlines!”

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MAIL Emily to make an appointment.

To take our creative courses and/or for our mentoring programs, you can apply for financial support through PPO Werktuig (only in the Netherlands).
Apply quickly for an allowance of 1/3rd of our coaching fee!
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Cost: €145
Registrations: by mail


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