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Do you love illustrating and have a passion for good stories? Would you like to be prepared in one year to take the market by storm with your great idea for a picture book, graphic novel or drawn journalism story?

The Visual Storytelling Programme

  • Create original, personal work within a supportive and transformative creative community, with visiting makers and mentoring by professionals in your field
  • Find your own voice by being given room for experimentation and research as well as development and deepening at a technical level
  • Be in touch with the field and receive coaching on the business sides of the profession, know what market suits you and how to move in it
  • Meet a teaching team with a passion for the profession as well as for teaching
  • Meet a peer group of inspiring classmates who all share storytelling as their greatest passion
  • We offer you a year packed with inspiration and all the ingredients you need to create your unique visual story and put it out into the world!

What does the programme look like

  • Starts Aug. 30, 2024. Study year of 32 class weeks (4 blocks of 8 class weeks + 2 test weeks, fixed class day is Friday)
  • 50% On-site classes in Utrecht and 50% online classes: lectures, webinars, workshops and classroom feedback moments
  • Print room excursion
  • 5 Intensive in-depth modules on material experimentation, storytelling, subject history and business
  • Lesson content the same for all students, final project focused on own learning question around picture book, graphic novel or graphic journalism story
  • Taught by inspiring experts with passion for both their craft and teaching
  • Group coaching in addition to classes to tailor to individual needs

Our final goal

Students who complete our course can generate original ideas from their own artistic vision. They create quality narrative, visual work that conveys what it needs to communicate, can communicate the contexts and concepts that drive their work, and adopt behaviors that lead to successful entrepreneurship.

Note: accessibility

  • Classes take place in the Dakzaal of the Hof van Cartesius
  • Location space is on the second floor
  • Not wheelchair friendly, no elevator available
  • Toilet use via Tree Tower (other space)

I am interested!


€5774 excluding VAT
a final, possibly higher price will be set by May 2024, based on then current energy rates, personnel costs, etc.

Check your eligibility at Werktuig PPO, the Pictoright Support Fund, the Netherlands Foundation for Literature (also available to storytellers in the broader sense) or the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (Don’t be alarmed by the requirements – a book you are working on with support from a course can also be submitted as a project or product, please contact the relevant funds for help with submission if necessary). There are also plenty of local initiatives to explore; these have proven most effective so far. For Utrecht, for example, these can be found here: Subsidies Kunst en Cultuur.
As a business owner, consult with your accountant: this training falls under business expenses and is therefore deductible from your profit. They are expenses you incur as an entrepreneur to become a better entrepreneur (if you are not yet an entrepreneur but plan to become one, consult with an accountant about whether this can be deducted retroactively – up to five years back). Also, as an entrepreneur, you do not have to pay back VAT: you get it back from the government.
Are you working from salaried employment? Then have a conversation with your employer. Perhaps the knowledge you gain from us could be of value to your business?

Want to sign up for academic year ’24/’25?
The 30th of August we will be starting again!
Send us an email to be invited to admission interviews this coming January/February or to our online Q&As about the program.

After your email application for our course, we will ask you to send a portfolio, including illustration work and work from observation. In candidates, we like to see strong characters, placed in context/scenes. We like to see research on tone, color, composition, atmosphere etc and will ask questions about that as well.
By work from observation, we mean taking a close look at the world around you and capturing it live: not still lifes, but the living world (people/animals ìin their environment).
Our aim is to get you to the level of publication-worthy products in a year. Your starting portfolio should show sufficient potential for this.