Corona measures

The pandemic has required flexibility from us, and sometimes switching to online classes. Head teacher Ellen Vesters has been able to teach the main part of most courses as usual live/on location.

Basically, we always go live/physical as long as we can according to the measures. In addition, an online option is always offered for those who need it – in the times when the virus flares up and people prefer to stay home or don’t have a QR code. This allows you to choose whether to participate from home or from the venue.

In early 2021, there was a requirement for mouthguards on site, by the end of 2021, there was a QR check at the door and it was possible to participate inside without a mouthguard.

The Dec. 18, 2021, press conference makes one wonder for a while what will happen regarding the new courses. What is certain is that Ellen Vesters is a very experienced and knowledgeable online/hybrid instructor. In terms of teaching quality, her online classes are not inferior to the live classes. The social aspect is different then, of course, although she always tries very hard to make that too as smooth and familiar as possible.
(And so there is always the intention to go live as soon as it can go live again)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed together that it all looks a little better by the end of January.


Our teachers ensure proper hygiene. Materials are cleaned extra and are not shared.

We provide disinfectant gel and disinfectant wipes. We ask that you wash your hands thoroughly at the beginning of class and be mindful of touching the face yourself.


At our location at the Court of Cartesius, we can guarantee the one and a half meters. Between class periods, the room is aired. Teachers themselves will use distance creatively in discussions and feedback.

Safety comes first but quality remains.

When do you stay home?

If you have a cold (coughing, sneezing, runny nose) and/or a fever, stay home. If you have recently been close to someone who appears to have Corona you will also stay home.
You can always send someone in your place.

Mouth caps

Of course, if you feel comfortable, you may wear a mouthpiece. However, this is not mandatory. The same goes for gloves.


As always, you will receive coffee and tea at our workshops and courses. Treats are at times omitted – temporarily – from hygienic considerations.
We provide personal glasses and tour guides are responsible for refilling drinks.

With a positive diagnosis

In the exceptional case that you have been diagnosed with Corona in the days following your contact with us, we hope you will notify us so that we can inform the rest (anonymously). This way we can contain further spread.


We hope it does not come to that, but in the event of a lockdown, we will continue classes digitally. We have done the latter successfully in previous lockdowns.

For questions, please contact Ellen Vesters, founder of VENSTER, at