Djenné Fila

Courses: Visual Storytelling Course

Djenné Fila (1995) is a Dutch illustrator who enriches stories with her illustrations. She has been on numerous shortlists of great prizes. Her illustrations from The Firebird, a retelling of the famous ballet by Bette Westera, won a silver European Design Award. The historical children’s novel Shadow of Tut was nominated for the Woutertje Pieterse Prize and shortlisted for De Boon Literature Prize. And her latest book A Small History of Man Through Animal Eyes was awarded a silver brush.

Djenné creates atmospheric images full of texture that she composes with her unique collage technique, up to 500 layers in size. She illustrates with powerful compositions and ragged lines, and searches for the right colors and materials to create the atmosphere of stories capture.

Djenné Fila’s illustrations make the book a triumph of storytelling skills
Jury Woutertje Pieterse Prize on Shadow of Toet