Window Academy values a free & safe environment for both students/students and teachers. At Window, everyone is allowed to be who she/he/they are. The following principles should contribute to a safe environment for growth. Where everyone can develop their creative talent through trial and error. To ensure this atmosphere for both student and instructor, these principles have been established.


At Window:

  • Is everyone welcome. We encourage the careers of creators and therefore creators who focus on telling underexposed stories and/or creators who represent an underexposed group. In our training program, every creator, regardless of background, with or without prior training, is given a chance.
  • Are you allowed to be who you want to be and do we respect each other. Each participant is approached with equal interest, respect and benevolence. At Window, everyone is allowed to be who she/he/they are. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, offensive and discriminatory statements in any form.
    Discrimination is defined as conduct by which a person discriminates between persons on the basis of religion, belief, political affiliation, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or chronic illness, the purpose or effect of which is to diminish the dignity of the person, especially if it creates a threatening, hostile, offensive, humiliating or offensive situation.
  • May you grow and develop yourself through trial and error. Teachers provide a pleasant, open and trusting atmosphere during workshop/course/training so that participant(s) feel comfortable and can develop their individual skills in an optimal way. Mistakes are allowed, indeed these are seen as inevitable and part of the learning process. They are not corrected, but examined.
  • We like to learn from our mistakes Conversely, Window also likes to be pointed out when we make mistakes. As an organization, we see ourselves as constantly evolving and learning is considered a process. We are always interested in knowing how we can do better.
  • Do we consider positive coaching and feedback important. We focus in the work not only on success but also on process. We work from the principle of positive and competency-based coaching.
  • Is there no place for abuse and harassment. Aggression, sexual harassment and other unpleasant behavior is not okay with us and is therefore not tolerated. Teachers refrain from any form of sexual (power) abuse or (sexual) harassment towards students/students and colleagues, and vice versa we expect the same.
    By sexually transgressive behavior we mean: Any form of sexual behavior or sexual advances, in a verbal, nonverbal or physical sense, whether intentional or unintentional, that is experienced as unwanted or forced by the person undergoing it; and/or takes place within an unequal power relationship (teacher-student/student, client-contractor); and/or other acts or behaviors that are punishable under the Penal Code.
    Aggression and violence refers to incidents where someone is psychologically or physically harassed, threatened or assaulted in a work-related situation.
    Bullying is defined as all forms of intimidating behavior of a structural nature, by one or more persons directed against a person or group of persons who cannot or do not defend themselves against this behavior.
    Teachers and/or students/trainees who observe behavior toward themselves or others that could be construed as undesirable behavior as defined herein shall act appropriately.
  • Do we feel it is important to share our talents with the world Teachers may decide to make visual and/or audio recordings within the teaching situation. These recordings may be made public or reproduced. As a course participant/student, you unconditionally grant permission to make these recordings and exploit them, without Venster or third parties owing you any compensation.
  • Are we sparing of the place where we are guests We are sparing of our location and ask our students/students and faculty to be so as well. We help each other leave the location as we found it after each class.


Window and its teachers actively ensure that the rules are followed by everyone involved with the students/students. If you observe transgressive behavior, or are troubled by something, always contact us. You can:

  • Addressing the person in question on her/his/their behavior
  • Contact your Window contact for advice and assistance. Or report this to Window Academy by emailing:
  • Make a report to the official hotline for undesirable behavior Dutch cultural and creative sector at:
  • Do you need other help? If so, you can always contact MIND Korrelatie as well. They anonymously provide professional, psychological and psychosocial help to anyone who requests it.
  • Report to the police (in consultation with the victim) if a crime has been committed under the Criminal Code.

In cases where there is (threat of) violence, teachers always alert the supervisor and if necessary, external emergency services.

Should teachers encounter inappropriate behavior from visitors, customers or other external parties, they will take appropriate action. The teacher preferably addresses the person exhibiting the behavior politely but clearly himself or herself. In cases where this is not possible or desirable or does not have the desired effect, the teacher reports the behavior to her/his/their supervisor. The supervisor will take appropriate measures in response, with the safety of the instructor and students/trainees as the guiding principle.

Visitors, customers and external parties who experience unwelcome behavior by teachers shall report it to the supervisor of the teacher in question. Manager then acts in accordance with the appropriate action. The supervisor confronted with a report of undesirable behavior between teachers and/or students/course participants shall seek an appropriate solution aimed primarily at preventing future recurrence and enabling good cooperation between the parties. If either party is not satisfied with the way the supervisor handled the incident, she/he/they shall notify the supervisor as soon as possible.

If the supervisor sees cause, she may, upon observation of inappropriate behavior, proceed to impose disciplinary measures on the teacher, such as: an official written warning, an official written reprimand, suspension and/or termination of the assignment agreement. In very serious or repeated cases of undesirable behavior, immediate termination of the agreement may follow. If an employee is suspended, she/he/they must immediately return any loan items from Window before the start of the suspension, without any obligation on Window to compensate for their loss.

For questions and/or comments regarding our code of conduct, please contact Ellen Vesters, founder of VENSTER, at